IDEAL 1134 Paper Trimmer

£156,95 ex VAT£188,34 inc VAT

IDEAL Paper Trimmer 1134

  • Entry level manual trimmer
  • Cut length of up to 350mm a
  • Capability to cut up to 25 sheets.


About IDEAL 1134 Paper Trimmer

The IDEAL 1134 is a standard office trimmer, built to a high specification and fitted with a quality Soligen steel blade which can be re-sharpened. Features include a transparent clamp bar and cut line indicator to show the alignment of the cut.  A Perspex guard protects the operator from the knife edge and the base is fitted with non-skid feet for safe operation. Precision side lay and accurate back gauge measurement make for precision cutting.

Why Buy IDEAL 1134 Paper Trimmer?

The IDEAL 1134 is a simple to use trimmer that offers accuracy and reliability.  With a blade that can be re-sharpened or changed it offers longevity of use.  Safety features include a transparent blade guard and non-skid feet. Its features ensure that perfectly square cutting to the desired size is practical and achievable for a good quality of finish. Standard paper formats and photo sizes are illustrated on the cutting bed of the device, making it quick and easy to trim to standard sizes.

Key Features

  • Soligen quality steel cutting blades
  • Replaceable and resharpenable blades
  • Transparent clamp bar
  • Paper format indication
  • Millimetre accurate measuring scale
  • 350mm cutting length
  • up to 25 sheets of 70gsm

Frequently used for

  • Hand Finishing Print
  • Trimming multi copy cards or labels
  • Removing trim from copier print
  • Sample Creation
  • Removing  register or other marks
  • Finishing digital print output
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