IDEAL 1133 Paper Trimmer

£122,95 ex VAT£147,54 inc VAT

IDEAL 1133 Paper Trimmer – Entry level manual trimmer with

  • cut length of 330 mm A4
  • the capability to cut up to 15-20 sheets.


About IDEAL 1133 Paper Trimmer

The IDEAL 1133 is a 340mm A4 knife trimmer for use where cutting paper with accuracy is required occasionally, but where safety and accuracy are a priority. Perfect for trimming digital photographs for example. Simple lever operation and a fully enclosed Teflon-coated blade ensure that accidents are prevented, while the coating ensures that trimmed pieces do not hamper the cutting action.

Why buy the IDEAL 1133?

The IDEAL 1133 is a trimmer suited to the needs of finishing digital photos. It offers the user an accurate cutting tool that provides a professional level of quality, while not claiming to cope with high volumes of work. It is simple to use and has safety features that protect the user from exposure to a sharp blade.

The fully enclosed blade movement and finger guard separate the operator from the knife edge at all times. The front and rear side lays ensure that the paper is always positioned for a square cut, while millimetre scale and visible cutting line make accurate cutting simple.   Standard paper formats and photo sizes are illustrated on the cutting bed of the device, making it quick and easy to trim to standard sizes.

Key Features

  • Teflon coated hardened steel blade and counter blade
  • Finger Guard
  • Cutting Line Indicator
  • Front and rear side lays for accurate positioning
  • Format indication for standard paper and photo formats
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • 340mm cutting length
  • Simultaneous cutting of 15 sheets of 80gsm

Frequently used for

  • Trimming Digital Photos
  • Accurate cutting of paper/light card
  • Art studio use
  • Schools
  • Sample creation
  • Hand finished work
  • Single sheet finishing
  • Display prints
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