IDEAL 1080 Paper Trimmer

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IDEAL 1080 Paper Trimmer

  • High performance professional trimmer
  • Cutting length or 800mm
  • Cutting height of 4mm.


About IDEAL 1080 Paper Trimmer

The IDEAL 1080 is a high-performance professional large format paper trimmer, mounted on its own steel frame and operated by foot pedal, offering a choice of blade angle- obtuse for thicker materials and sharply pointed for paper and light cards. An 800mm cutting length provides versatility over the size of the sheets being cut and offers  real flexibility to any print room.

Why Buy the IDEAL 1080?

The IDEAL 1080 is a large format paper trimmer that offers many of the features of a commercial quality guillotine, but with hand operation. It is therefore suited to fast turnaround short run jobs where the speed of operation is essential. The aluminium bracket for the blade axle,  Solingen steel blade (that can be sharpened) and all metal construction point to a trimmer which will provide long term trouble free operation.

The back gauge and side lays in the IDEAL 1080 are easy to position with great accuracy while the foot operated clamp gives maximum freedom to pull the blade lever down while retaining a hand free. Safety is enhanced through the unbreakable Lexan cover for the blade with a locking device adding to the security. The paper support is provided through an extension table, whilst a choice of blades can cope with the different materials that the Ideal 1080 large format paper trimmer can expect to encounter.  Fitted with obtuse angle (75) blade as standard and a pointed (25) angle blade is also available as an option.

Key Features

  • Choice of blade angle-75 degrees or 25 degrees
  • High-quality Solingen steel blade
  • Foot operated clamping action
  • 1mm or wider strip cutting
  • Millimetre accuracy increments
  • The blade can be locked in position
  • Transparent Lexan covering for blade
  • Standard paper formats displayed on the bed
  • 800mm cutting length
  • 4mm cutting height

Frequently used for

  • Large format paper trimming
  • Back up for a standard guillotine
  • Hand trimming short-run jobs
  • Sample or dummy production
  • Display prints
  • Trimming posters
  • Manual finishing of business cards etc
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