Eurofold Touchline CP375 DUO


Perforating, Creasing & Folding

Stop perforation in both directions is one of the key features of the new TOUCHLINE CP375 DUO. In conjunction with the online creasing and folding machine TOUCHLINE TCF375, the CP375 DUO will be able to produce even more complex jobs online; stop perforation in both directions, creasing and folding all in one operation!


The New Dimension In Perforating, Creasing & Folding

Highlights of the TOUCHLINE CP375 DUO

  • Stop perforation in both directions
  • Two cross-tool positions for efficient production
  • Up and down creasing in one run for book covers
  • Perforating and creasing in one run
  • Patented interchangeable tools
  • Tool changeover within 20 seconds
  • Automatic tool detection
  • Automatic tool calibration
  • No manual adjustments
  • Ultrasonic double sheet detection as a standard
  • Online options for folding
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