Ideal 2465 Security Level P4 Stripcut Shredder

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The IDEAL 2465 security level P4 rated shredder is a high capacity desk-side shredder which is powerful enough to be considered a small work group shredder, thanks to a 50 litre capacity bin for collecting the shredded material.


About Ideal 2465 Security Level P4 Stripcut Shredder

The IDEAL 2465 is a high capacity desk-side shredder which is powerful enough to be considered a small work group shredder, thanks to a 50 litre capacity bin for collecting the shredded material. It is capable of shredding CDs as well as paper and coping with paper clips thanks to hardened steel cutting shafts which come with a five-year guarantee. Cross cut versions offer higher degrees of security through reducing paper to smaller particles, but do not cope with the CDs that may be introduced. A photo cell is used to control start up and stop while a transparent safety flap prevents unwanted accidents. The IDEAL 2465 is mounted on casters for ease of movement.

Why buy? For business owners

The Ideal 2465 is a powerful versatile desk-side shredder able to handle all type of paper, included material with paper clips, and in addition copes with plastic CD and DVDs. It can be moved thanks to mounting on casters and with a 50 litre capacity bin is suitable for work group use. Easy Switch operation provides instant information about operational status while automatic shut off features including the transparent safety flap to seal off the opening, ensure that it is safe to operate. In strip version, the shredder reaches level P2 of the Safety standard, in the first cross cut mode, this moves to level P4 and in the final cross cut mode, it reaches level P5.

Why buy? For operators

Operation is through the multifunction Easy Switch which changes colour and display to indicate the operational status of the shredder. The shredder will stop automatically in the case of a paper jam, door being opened or the 50 litre capacity bin being filled. The 240mm opening accepts up to 24 sheets of 70 gsm paper. The 580w motor and gearbox is fully enclosed to prevent contamination by paper dust.


• 50 litre bin makes it suitable for workgroup use

• Easy Switch operation shows status of shredder

• Transparent safety flap

• Options for cross cut

• Strip cut can handle CDs

• 5 year guarantee on cutting shafts

• 35 litre shredded material capacity

• Automatic cut offs for jams, filled bins and opened door

• Security Levels P2, P4, P5

• 580w motor

• 240mm feed opening

Typical Applications

• Desk-side shredding

• Letters

• Print-outs

• Forms

• Reports

• Presentations

• Higher security with cross cut options

• CD shredding capability

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