Touchline CF375 – Automatic High Volume Creasing and Folding Machine


Touchline CF375 Card Creasing and Folding Machines – The CF375 offers a high speed, high capacity creasing and folding solution for the medium to high volume digital printer.  Suction feed with touch screen setup for all standard fold configuration.

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About Touchline CF375 (Crease & Fold) Card Creasing Machines

The Touchline CF375 Card Creasing Machines offers more flexibility and automation than any other product.  The Touchline CF375 can manage stock up to 400gsm, creases and folds the products, all in one single pass.

A Swingbar System designed by Multigraf completes the creasing process without cracking.  This benefit removes the requirement for the sheets to stop during the creasing process and provides critical time savings.  The automated setup of the crease depth with different positions allows for the speeding up of the creasing process with an accuracy of 0.1 mm.  This technology allows for the speeding up of the creasing process with an accuracy of 0.1 mm.

The Touchline CF375 includes an automated setup using an intuitive touch screen control panel permitting instant program recall and control of all features of the machine including vacuum speed and separation volumes.

With no compressor, the Touchline CF375 is very quiet in operation; utilising high-speed fans to create effortless feeding when utilising heavy and irregular stocks.

Using this technology, the Touchline CF375 can run at a consistent speed of more than 5000 A4 sheets per hour, regardless of the number of operated creases and folds completed.

The Touchline delivers flexibility and automation that no other current product in paper finishing can provide.  Capable of completing efficient and automated processes using 400gsm stock creasing, perforating (across the sheet and lengthwise), slitting and folding; all in one pass.

Why buy? For business owners

The Touchline CF375 provides one of the fastest creases and fold solutions – operating up to 5,000 sheets per hour, it is ideal for those, producing high volume digital work, who need a fast and space efficient finishing solution.

The touch screen combines an automatic setup to ensure minimum setup times and maximise productivity.

The machine can be used as a creaser/folder, a dedicated folder, or perforating machine.

The Touchline CF375 offers the most advanced feed technology coupled with the most advanced double detection technology and simple to use touch screen controls.


• Up to 5,000 sheets per hour

• Creasing & Folding up to 400 gsm in a single pass

• Three Configurations – Crease/Fold, Crease, Perforate

• NEW 180mm Pile Height (can hold up to 1,600 sheets)

• Swingbar Crease Technology

• Ultrasonic Double Detection as standard

• Touch Screen Controls

• Auto Tool Setup

• Max paper size 375 x 1,050mm (Table extension required 660mm without)

Typical Applications

• Direct mail

• Tickets

• Greeting Cards

• Book Covers

• Leaflets

• Menus

• Flyers

• Bindery Products

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