IDEAL Guillotine 4705

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Manually operated paper guillotine with 475 mm cut width, 470 mm cut depth and 70 mm cut height.


Description IDEAL 4705 Guillotine

The IDEAL 4705 is a heavy-duty manual guillotine with a cut length of 475mm (A3/A2 short side) and a cut height of 70mm (700 sheets).  Designed for the busy office, copy shop or mailroom for example the IDEAL 4705 is a durable and robust paper cutter with a strong-spindle clamp, for accurate and perfect cutting results.

Why buy the IDEAL 4705?

The IDEAL 4705 guillotine is a popular choice with schools, copy shops and busy offices.

Cutting paper to size before printing simplifies paper stocking issues and reduces costs. Trimming products post-production produces better quality and highly professional finished products.

Simple to use, reliable and robust the IDEAL 4705 with a 70mm paper stack cutting capacity will bring efficiency and productivity to any cutting operations. All-metal construction produces a sturdy long-life paper guillotine.

A calibrated hand crank with a large and easy to read scale allows accurate position of the back gauge from the front table. The clamp is adjustable to give control over pressure on the stack to be cut.

Key Features

  • Transparent safety guard to front and rear
  • Safety Cutting System: Blade is guarded when cutting.
  • Safe and convenient blade change from the front of the machine
  • Supplied with blade change device, jogger block and tool kit
  • Cut stick can be changed and replaced easily from the side of the guillotine
  • Blade depth adjustment from side of guillotine
  • Patented spindle-clamp, for applying variable pressure to paper/card stacks.
  • Spindle guided back gauge for precise positioning.
  • Fine adjustment by calibrated handle and side-lay and measuring scale to front of machine.
  • 475mm cut width
  • 70mm cutting height
  • 30mm narrow cut
  • Safety catch (locks blade lever in upper position)
  • 12 months guarantee
  • Robust and reliable

Typical Applications

  • Cutting sheets of paper to the required print size
  • Trimming finished print
  • Trimming Booklets
  • Finishing books up to 70 mm thick

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