IDEAL Guillotine 4315

£2.895,00 ex VAT£3.474,00 inc VAT

Ideal Guillotine 4315 – Electric bench top guillotine for formats up to SRA3

  • Cutting width up to 430 mm
  • 435 mm cut depth
  • 40 mm cut height


Description IDEAL 4315 Guillotine

The IDEAL 4315 is an entry level desktop electric guillotine capable of cutting up to 500 sheets of paper (70 g/m2 ) or bound brochures up to 40 mm.  It comes equipped with the patented EASY-CUT blade activating bars for convenient and safe cutting and the CE compliant Safety Cutting System (SCS) designed by IDEAL.  It features a fast action flick position clamp, hand operated back gauge and a digital read out for ease of use.  The LED Cutline enables increased accuracy and positioning when cutting.


Why buy the IDEAL 4315?

The IDEAL 4315 guillotine with electro mechanical blade drive makes cutting easy and the safety features include a hinged, electronically controlled safety guard on the front table, a mains switch and safety lock with key. The electronically controlled two hand operation with 24 volt, low voltage controls, together with an automatic blade return from every position and disc brake for instant blade stop further enhance the safety features of this model.  Cuts up to 500 sheets of 70gsm paper.

Key Features:

• Transparent safety guard to front and rear
• Safety Cutting System: Blade is guarded when cutting.
• Safe and convenient blade change from the front of the machine
• Supplied with blade change device, jogger block and tool kit
• Patented fast flick action clamp.
• LED Cutline
• Easy-to-read digital display on the front table (mm or inches)
• Patented EASY-CUT activating bars guarantee safe two-hand operation.
• Cut stick can be changed and replaced easily from the side of the guillotine
• Blade depth adjustment from side of guillotine
• Convenient setting of the spindle guided back gauge via hand crank.
• 430mm cut length
• 40mm cutting height
• 35mm narrow cut
• 12 months guarantee
• Robust and reliable


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