IDEAL Guillotine 4855


Ideal 4855 Guillotine – Power guillotine with electric blade, automatic clamping and programmable powered back gauge with 99 item programmable memory.

  • Cut width 475 mm
  • Cut length 450 mm
  • 80 mm Cut Height

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IDEAL Guillotine 4855

The IDEAL 4855 guillotine replaces the ever popular IDEAL 4850-95EP guillotine which was the best-selling model in the IDEAL range.  The IDEAL 4855 is a fully electrically operated SRA3 guillotine, electric knife, clamp and back gauge.

The IDEAL 4855 offers electro-mechanical drive of the cutting blade and automatic clamping with the added benefit of fully programmable back gauge positioning via the integrated touch screen display.  The IDEAL 4855 is a feature rich, simple to operate guillotine that comes complete with stand and storage space.

Cutting accuracy is made easy by the bright red LED cut indication lights providing a clear view of the exact cut position in which the electro-mechanical blade will strike.  Visible LED indication is ideal for customers looking to use registration marks when guillotining digital work.

The safety cutting system (SCS) from IDEAL is employed to ensure absolute reliability in cutting.  Side lays make sure that even the smallest piles are positioned correctly for cutting.   The Ideal 4855 has a cutting range from 475 mm cutting width to 30 mm, with a maximum 80 mm cutting height.

Why Buy the IDEAL 4855?

The IDEAL 4855 comes packed with safety and operational features as standard.  It is a feature rich and highly productive small format guillotine.  The IDEAL 4855 guillotine is accurate with both an optical cut line indicator and electronically controlled back gauge, with fine adjustments possible using the infinitely variable back gauge control wheel.  Safety is enhanced thanks to the two-handed operation using the patented activation bars and transparent safety guard.

If space is a premium then this is the model for you, the Ideal 4855 requires one square meter of floor space and is the quickest machine in its class.

Operation is made easy by the new Easy-Cut blade activation bar and touch screen program.  The 99-program memory, with repeat cut function and auto eject make remembering long lists of sizes and numbers a thing of the past.  You can now recall a job in seconds and finish the entire cut sequence within minutes.


• Replaces Ideal 4850-95EP Guillotine
• Ideal for SRA2 to SRA3 for digital output
• Transparent safety guard
• Programmable memory with 99 memory capacity
• Accurate to 0.1 mm
• Memory key for repeat jobs
• Instant repeat cut function without operating a memory (perfect for business cards)
• Touch Screen Keypad Controls with Pre-sets for A3, A4 & A5
• Fully Programmable with 99 Programs, Repeat Cut and Business Card Function
• Effortless Cutting with Twin Trigger Activation
• Electrically Operated Clamp with Independent Blade & Clamp Action for Pre-Clamping
• Patented safety drive; automatic blade and clamp return from every position.
• Power back gauge
• Delicate papers – can be cut by using magnetic clamp pads
• Digital readout for cut measurements
• 450 mm Maximum cut length, 32 mm minimum
• 80 mm Cut height


  • Blade
  • Cut stick
  • Magnetic clamp pads
  • Jog Block
  • Blade change cradle
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