Duplo 150C Booklet Maker


Duplo 150C Booklet System is a collator fed booklet making system, offering the ideal combination between the DSC10/20 sheet feeder with the DBM 150 booklet maker. The DSC 10/20 collator is an affordable heavy-duty suction collation system designed both for offset and digitally printed applications.


About Duplo 150C Booklet Maker

Duplo’s 150C Booklet Maker is a uniquely compact and highly productive system. It is the perfect solution for fully automatic collating and booklet making and incorporates the latest vacuum fed collator technology, making it ideal for feeding digitally printed and coated paper stocks. The 150C Booklet Maker can incorporate up to 2 DSC-10/20 towers in-line with the 150 booklet maker and trimmer with a further option to add the Duplo ASM350 Squareback module. This system is extremely user-friendly and is ideal for processing low to mid volume jobs effectively and efficiently. It is designed to meet the challenges of today’s offset and digital printer.

Why buy? For business owners

The 150C Booklet Maker is ideal for offset or digital printers who have limited space as it offers one of the most compact full production systems on the market. This user-friendly system can be operated by anyone with the minimum of training making it ideal for short run quick turn around print work as job changeovers can be completed in seconds.

The 150C Booklet Maker also has the ability to both high speed collate using the optional integrated stacker and produce high quality booklets in either traditional stitch and fold method or side and corner stitch option, ideal for today’s ever changing print environment.

As with all of Duplo’s booklet makers, this system can be customised according to the end users needs, allowing them to configure and expand as their demands change.

Why buy? For operators

The DSC-10/20 collator features a touch screen control panel offering intuitive display which requires virtually no training to operate. Most controls for the complete system are set from the DSC 10/20 collator which can also be linked to a 2nd tower DSC 10/20 to enable 20 bin collation or higher volume booklet production. The added benefit of the lift up hand marry unit also allows extra sets or difficult to feed covers to be hand merged as the collator operates, this gives operators infinite flexibility in workflow. The DBM-150 & DBM-150T features a state of the art control panel which is very simple and easy to use and allows step by step adjustments of the booklet setup enabling absolute precision to be achieved with ease. Tie the quick step adjustments to the 20 memory capacity and you can instantly recall your jobs to ensure the precise setup remains the same for repeat work.

Overall the 150C Booklet Maker is an extremely user-friendly machine which requires very little training.


• Compact Footprint

• Double Feed Detection

• Automatic set up

• Up to 2400 books per hour

• Bi-directional Running

Typical Applications

• Brochures

• Menus

• Flyers

• Mailers

• NCR set Collation

• Newsletters

• Corporate Reports

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