Eurofold Touchline CP375 (Crease & Perforate) Card Creasing Machines


Eurofold Touchline CP375 Card Creasing Machines – The CP375 offers an automated solution for complex crease and stop perforation work normally associated with high end platen presses. Can be linked to Eurofold TCF375 enabling crease, stop perf and fold in


About Eurofold Touchline CP375 (Crease & Perforate) Card Creasing Machines

The Touchline CP375 Card Creasing Machines offers a new dimension in Creasing and Perforating with 2 new models the CP375 Mono and the CP375 Duo.

The CP375 Mono offers creasing and bi-directional perforation using up to 4 stop perforation heads and one interchangeable Crease/Perforation Tool.

The CP375 Duo adds another Crease/Perforation tool to the 4 stop perforation heads, thus enabling the Duo to offer both creasing and bi-directional perforation in a single pass. The CP375 Duo can also offer both Male and Female creasing patterns (Up and Down pattern) in a single pass, very handy for book covers.

The Touchline generation offers more flexibility and automation than any other product in paper finishing. Touchline stands for efficient and automated processes in Creasing, Perforating (across the sheet and longwise), Slitting and folding; all in one pass. Touchline models handle paper stocks up to 400gsm.

Why buy? For business owners

Perforating long wise and across the sheet, time perforation in both directions as well as professionally creasing are the key features of the CP375. This new innovation fulfils many wishes of the industry and can enable your business to offer a new and highly profitable revenue stream.

Traditionally this form of stop perforation, bi-directional perforation and creasing have been produced using a cylinder or letter press, the new CP375 solutions offer the same quality of finish at the push of a button with zero special training or skills.

Why buy? For operators

The innovative creasing and perforating system features a patented, interchangeable tool bar system. The tools are electronically detected and relevant pressure is automatically set, thus meaning you never get a pressure setting wrong or see inconsistency of the crease/perforation across the sheet.

The setup is all done within just a few seconds on the touch screen control panel with each part of the machine individually controlled from one central point. No more make ready and lengthy setup times with wasted sheets, just select your crease and perforation positions and press go, ideal for the new digital print era!


• Up to 6,000 sheets per hour

• Creasing or Perforating in a single pass

• Duo model enables bi-directional perforation, stop perforation and Creasing in a single pass

• Letter press quality finish

• Up to 4 Stop Perforation heads (all plug & play)

• Top feed suction system

• Up to 180mm pile height

• Feeds up to 400gsm

• Ultrasonic Double Detection as standard

• Touch Screen Controls

• Auto Tool Setup

• Max paper size 375 x 1,050mm (Table extension required 660mm without)

Typical Applications

• Direct mail

• Tickets

• Greeting Cards

• Tear off Coupons

• Forms

• Book Covers

• Bindery Products

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