The Duplo DC-618 is a compact, fully automated multi-functional finishing solution for digital print projects. The impressive DC-618 can process up to 6 slits, 30 cuts and 20 creases in a single pass. Create 24-up business cards at a speed of 192 cards per minute.


About Duplo New DC-618 Multi-Finisher – Slitter/Cutter/Creaser/Perforation Machine

The fully automated Duplo DC-618, Multi-Finisher – Slitter/Cutter/Creaser is Duplo’s compact and powerful all-in-one finishing solution.  Designed for today’s digital printer this system is capable of processing up to 6 slits, 30 cuts and 20 creases in one pass.  The DC-618 delivers full-bleed applications up to 23 sheets per minute without the white borders and toner cracking for a clean finish.

The DC-618 comes equipped with rotary slitters, a guillotine cutter, and a depth-adjustable creaser, offering the versatility of multiple devices without the requirement for manual operation and time-consuming set ups.  Margins are trimmed horizontally by the slitter and vertically by the cutter with the waste automatically deposited into the waste bin.  Only the finished project is delivered on the exit tray.  The card stacker keeps smaller pieces, such as business cards and postcards, neatly stacked and ready to be removed for running larger applications.

The Duplo DC-618 built in air suction belt feed system, includes 2 fans and an air knife; ensuring sheets are separated with the addition of reduced static.  A large paper tray is included to handle extended sheets. The built-in CCD scanner can recall any job stored in its memory, by reading the barcode or registration marks for precise finishing.  A built-in colour LCD control panel allows the user to set up and save up to 250 projects.  For improved simplicity, your project can be fully setup with the new PC controller interface.

Capable of producing a range of on demand applications with ease including 24- up business cards, gate-fold invitations, direct mailers, brochures, book covers, and so much more.  Bring your finishing in-house!

NEW DC-618 for light to mid production environments

  • Utilise the same operator for both printing and finishing
  • Professional print finishing made easy
  • Fully automatic set-up
  • Optional cross perforator
  • New PC controller software to enhance productivity
  • Unattended running
  • Automatic barcode and registration mark scanner
  • EFi Fiery barcode integration for enhanced automated setup

Why Buy? For Business Owners

The Duplo DC-618 is a multi-finishing unit that delivers a range of finishing processes in a single pass.  Its functionality means a wide range of products can be achieved; all finished to a highly professional standard.

The DC-618 enables any size of print business to bring detailed finishing work in house, all without the need for a dedicated operator.  The ability to produce cutting, creasing, slitting and perforating in a single pass allows even the most complicated or time-consuming job to be finished quickly and professionally at the touch a button.

With the Duplo DC-618’s multifunctional capability, automatic set-up, and ease of use, you can produce your projects far quicker with the requirement for fewer machines and fewer operators. Your press operator can keep the printer operating while also reducing bottlenecks in finishing, making you more productive and efficient.

Key Applications:

  • Book covers
  • Folded brochures and letters
  • Leaflets
  • Tickets
  • Table Menus
  • Greeting cards
  • Flat or folded business cards – high volume capability
  • Z-folds, accordion folds, and more

Features Include:

  • All-in-one finishing solution for shorter runs
  • Utilise the same operator for both printing and finishing
  • Professional print finishing made easy
  • Fully automatic set-up
  • Optional cross perforator
  • Eliminates white borders and prevents toner cracking
  • New PC controller software to enhance productivity
  • Capable of processing up to 23 sheets per minute
  • Unattended running
  • 100mm capacity stacker
  • Handles substrates of 110-400gsm
  • Handles up to a 1,200 mm Sheet Length
  • 30 Cuts in a Single Pass
  • 20 Creases in a Single Pass
  • Handles 110-400gsm
  • Air suction belt feeding system
  • EFi Fiery barcode integration for enhanced automated setup
  • Automatic barcode and registration mark scanner
  • Automated pre-press and finishing with EFI Fiery Print Servers

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