Rotatrim DigiTech+ DT2150 (2,150 mm)

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Rotatrim DigiTech+ DT2150 Rotary Paper Trimmer

  • 2,150 mm Cut Width
  • Cuts any flexible material up to 2 mm thick or 20 sheets in one go
  • Self lifting clamp mechanism
  • Ideal for use with wide format printers


About Rotatrim DigiTech+ DT2150 (2,150 mm)

The Rotatrim DigiTech+ range has been designed to meet the exacting requirements of the large format printing industry. Built on the same platform as the high end Technical Series the DigiTech+ range offers an ultra reliable wide format cutting solution for any flexible material up to 2 mm thick. All aluminium chassis, steel end frames, steel cutting head shroud and a square guide rail ensure longevity in use and absolute accuracy in cutting with zero flex in the rail.

Why Buy? For Business Owners

Many hundreds of the Rotatrim machines are in use every day across a broad horizon of industries including education, manufacturing, food processing, pharmaceutical, print and photography. A proven track record for bullet proof reliability and a genuine asset to any business large or small.

The precision engineered, virtually silent glide-cutting action coupled with extreme accuracy, outstanding robustness and reliability are often cited as the main reasons why the Rotatrim series of machines are the models by which all others are judged.

Why Buy? For Operators

The Rotatrim DigiTech+ series are light in weight but heavy duty in use making them the ideal companion in any environment where up to 2 mm of flexible material has a requirement to be cut. A highly flexible ultra sharp cutting head flies through a host of products from paper to card to mesh and leather the DigiTech+ series cuts it all with ease.

Simple two way gliding mechanism coupled with a steel self lifting clamp with rubber grip insert to hold your media square and true to the cutting rail. Square cutting rail ensures zero flex in the cutting action even on machines up to 2,500 mm widths. A reduced spring pressure in the cut head ensures light and easy cutting action of even the most difficult substrates. A square side lay for easy alignment of your cut position with ultimate accuracy. The DigiTech+ series also offer a host of options including stands with integrated waste catchers, table and rule extensions as well as roll holders which make cutting rolled media simple.

The light weight compact design ensures easy storage if you are tight for working space.


  • Designed for the large format print industry
  • Range from 650 to 2,500 mm widths
  • Cuts any flexible material up to 2 mm thick
  • Self sharpening cutting head (Sheffield Steel)
  • Self lifting clamp mechanism enables a single user to easily position and cut large materials
  • Two way cutting with overload protection
  • Large single square stainless steel guide rail completely eliminates head swivel
  • Aluminium base board, end frames, head and side rule
  • Square side lay for quick accurate alignment
  • Optional Stand with integrated waste catcher available
  • Host of options available to suit a variety of exacting requirements

Typical Applications

  • Posters
  • Laminates
  • Photographs
  • Pop Up Banners
  • Wide Format Prints
  • Exhibition Graphics
  • Pouch Laminates
  • Leaflets
  • Flyers
  • Cutting materials up to 2 mm thick
  • Laminates
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