IDEAL The 56 Guillotine


Ideal 56 Guillotine – Hydraulically operated power guillotine with Air Bed, IR Safety Curtain and Foot Treadle with false clamp plate –
  • Cut Width 550 mm
  • Cut Depth 550 mm
  • Cut Height 80 mm
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IDEAL – The 56 Guillotine

The IDEAL 56 Paper Guillotine is one of the latest next-generation programmable powered guillotines, designed to provide increased efficiency and productivity by working smarter.

The IDEAL 56 employs the latest technology to provide a fully configured commercial print guillotine for the B3 and digital print market.  The IDEAL 56 includes a fully hydraulic operational clamp.

An integrated foot pedal provides pre clamping, while the IR Safety Curtain takes care of the safety functions along side the new IDEAL Guillotines Easy Cut trigger paddles that require two handed operation.  A clear red LED cutting line indicator also comes as standard to ensure that cutting takes place where required.  It adds up to a highly versatile machine capable of a wide range of print work and material types.

Operation and programme control via 15.6“ touchscreen display. Intuitive software with comprehensive features and operation via touch and swipe gestures – just like a tablet or smartphone.

Why buy the IDEAL 56

The IDEAL 56 is a highly flexible guillotine able to take on all types of work thanks to the hydraulic operation and clamping system more commonly associated with much larger guillotines.  Productivity is enhanced through programming of the jobs via the integrated 15.6 inch touch screen display.  The IR Safety Curtain removes obstacles from the work area and speeds up the productivity by over 20% against a traditionally guarded guillotine. The eject function is used to push paper forwards and remove the need to place arms or fingers near or under the blade when retrieving trimmed work. There are also optional side tables on the front to ensure your work is kept absolutely square before, during and after cutting is complete. A diagnostic system shows error messages to help pin point faults that need attention.


The hydraulic control system which integrates the hydraulic clamp on the IDEAL 56 provides absolute control over the stack position during cutting.  The optical Red LED cutting indicators ensure that the blade will fall exactly where required while the adjustable hydraulic clamp pressure ensures even the most delicate stocks are cut without damage.  Side lays on the front and rear tables ensure the cutting position is accurate, square and ultimately precise.  Back gauge movement is automated in program mode enabling swift movement between cut dimensions and further enhancing productivity.  A manually operated and infinitely adjustable hand wheel provides control over the back gauge when not in program mode.  Cut accuracy is 0.1 mm thanks to the digital measuring scale.  Also available as the LT model which adds a full air bed on both the front and rear tables, easing movement of heavy paper stocks around the work area.

Key Features:

  • Fully hydraulic clamp
  • Infinitely adjustable clamp pressure
  • False clamp plate with pre-clamping foot treadle
  • IR Safety Curtain
  • LT model has air bed on front and rear tables
  • 15.6″ Multi-Touch screen and control panel
  • Red LED cut line indicators
  • White LED lights on front table for lighting up work area
  • Precision drive providing fine adjustment of the back gauge
  • 80 mm Cutting Height (77 mm with false clamp installed)
  • Optional side tables for increased work area

Frequently used for:

  • Digital print
  • Business cards
  • Stationery
  • Leaflets
  • Flyers
  • Cutting print to required size
  • Delicate papers
  • Posters
  • Postcards
  • Spine trimming for scanning
  • Trimming books up to 80 mm thick


  • Blade
  • Cut sticks
  • Jog block
  • Magnetic clamp pads

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IDEAL The 56 Guillotine

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