Duplo 150 Digital Booklet Maker System


Duplo’s 150 Digital Booklet System is the combination of the DBM-150 and new generation DSF-2200 sheet feeder.  This Duplo system is an ideal near-line solution for low to mid volume digitally printed sheets.


About Duplo 150 Digital Booklet Maker

Duplo’s 150 Digital Booklet System is the combination of the DBM-150 and new generation DSF-2200 sheet feeder.  It is an ideal near-line solution for low to mid volume digitally printed sheets.  This system is configured specifically to meet the demands of today’s digital printer, designed to take printed output from multiple sources.  The Duplo’s ASM350 Square back module can be also be added to offer a further increase to the quality of finish to your professional booklet.  Duplo has provided many smart features only normally found in advanced booklet maker systems.

Why buy? For business owners

The 150 Digital System is an extremely compact, modular system combining sheet feeder, booklet maker and trimmer with the option of the ASM350 Squareback unit. It provides features such as job integrity (for confidence that production is correct), fast operation and two feed trays (to allow the merging of differently finished stocks). Being a modular system, Duplo has a range of alternative feeding and finishing devices that provide the business owner with the opportunity to upgrade or change devices as needs change and business develops.

Why buy? For operators

The 150 Digital Booklet Maker is operated from a user friendly touchscreen PC controller, allowing easy recall and setup of jobs with many key features having automatic set-up. There is also an infinite job memory so you can store all your previous jobs for instant recall and setup, ideal for the short run digital market where volumes can be low but with lots of different jobs.

The 150 Digital Booklet Maker incorporates the latest Digital Feed engine from Duplo, the DSF2200. This innovative system which is PC Controlled has two feed stations, the ideal setup for running your book inner section separately from your book covers. During the print process if you print the entire job with covers in collated order the print engine slows down to run the cover as it must heat up to pass and print to the thicker and often heavier inked cover, this delays production. Further to this, because the covers are then collated in to the entire stack you are prevented from applying extra effects such as laminating or foiling. By utilising two feed stations you can print the covers separately from the book block, thus allowing the print engine to run more efficiently and allowing extra effects to be applied to the covers to optimise your book quality.

The system can finish up to 2400 books per hour without operator intervention or any wastage. Moreover the feed trays on the DSF-2200 can be utilised in five different ways for optimum efficiency.


• Automated Precision

• Superior feeding system

• Equipped with OMR

• 4 finishing options

• Compact footprint

• User friendly

Typical Applications

• Financial and Investment Reports

• Benefit Statements

• Corporate Reports

• Personalised University Prospectus

• Catalogues

• Brochures

• Coupon Booklets

• Magazines

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